ERASMUS+ - Understanding Europe

Strategic Partnership for Adult Education 2016-2018

ERASMUS+ - Understanding Europe

On the March 1, 2018, the consortium of the ERASMUS+ - Understanding Europe project held a multiplier event in Brussels in order to share experiences and results. Our specific objective was to reach out to connect to the European policy level concerning educational and migration issues. The event took take place at the "Verbindungsbüro der Stadt Wien", Avenue de Tervueren 58, B-1040 Bruxelles and was hosted by the Belgian project partner, EU WAREHOUSE.

"ERASMUS+ - Understanding Europe 2016-2018" is a European strategic partnership based on the idea, that education plays a key role in the current immigration to Europe.

Since the ideas, hopes, opinions and the knowledge concerning Europe differ widely among refugees and migrants, "Understanding Europe" approaches information deficits, sets educational processes in motion and produces -in addition to learning the local language- a comprehensive learning module with two parts:

  • "Understanding Europe - A guide to European Citizenship" and
  • "Understanding Germany / Austria / Poland / Romania / Bulgaria / Belgium - A guide to German / Austrian / Bulgarian / Polish / Romanian, Belgian citizenship".

The following programme was delivered:

12:30 h               Registration

13:00 h               Welcome by EU WAREHOUSE (BE) and WIENER Volkshochschule (AU – coordinator) and host Wien Haus

                            Project presentation: ERASMUS+ - “Understanding Europe”: Living in Europe / Living in Austria, Germany, Belgium, 
                            Bulgaria, Romania, Poland…the consortium will present extracts and best practice from their transnational work and
                            engage with the audience

14:15 -18h          Keynote speech: SP-Delegationsleiterin Evelyn Regner

                            Expert panel and discussion with presentations and input from
                            Evelyn Regner, SP-head of delegation,
                            Herbert Depner (Volkshochschule Wien / lead project partner),
                            Lisette Schermer, European Commission (DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, EAC.B.2.001),

                            Alan Smith, Former Acting Head of Adult Education Union, European Commission & Coordinator, EU Programme
                            for Adult Learning "Grundtvig",
                            moderator: Kerstin Weertz (Director EU WAREHOUSE, Belgian project partner of "Understanding Europe");

                           …followed by a debate with the audience,


                           ... followed by an invitation to food and refreshments and informal encounters!


The objective of the multiplier event in the framework of “Understanding Europe 2016-2018" was to share our experiences and results and, content wise, connect the project issues to the European policy level concerning educational and migration issues.


ALL partners participated in presenting the work results: the European and national parts of the handbook/training material were explained, shared and disseminated.

As this was thoroughly prepared, the audience did not only get an understandable and sharable overview on the intellectual outputs. Furthermore a very lively picture was painted on the partners themselves and their work backgrounds as well as the meaningfulness of the project product for their work – making it very tangible for the audience to see the potential for transfer.

It became very visible, how intense the group work had been over the past 18 month and how big the task was to orchestrate that endeavor altogether.


The intellectual output were also connected to the European policy debate in that educational area, with the support of  the SP-head of delegation Evelyn Regner and representatives of the European Commission. Informal encounters after the official programme deepended the exchange process.


Please find the documents which were used and developed in the framework of the event: